Enchanted Tree Lighting Hyde Park Village: Fashiontolive x Tabbisocks: Socks, Tights, Shorts


Hi loves! It's been about 2 weeks since my last post and I finally feel like I am adjusting to the time change. Tonight we kicked off my FAVORITE time of year with the Enchanted Tree Lighting in our favorite area of Tampa.

Sweater: not recent
Shorts: not recent
Tights: not recent
Socks: c/o Tabbisocks
Booties: not recent

makeup: "Tangerine dream" for breast cancer awareness month and the inspiration is "warrior woman"! #avonxprojectrunway
Lipstick: Coral Burst  C/O Avon
Lip gloss: Citrus Shine  C/O Avon
Blush: MARK Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream  C/O Avon
Gel Eyeliner: Super Shock  C/O Avon
Eyeshadow Quad: Tranquility C/O Avon

Pork chop with grits and butternut squash 

Rib eye for two: gluten free

Gluten free roasted oysters 

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