August 2017 Fabletics Review: Collection Fit For You

This month's Fabletics review is of the line that came out in April called "Fit For You". This print in particular stood out to me because it has purple in it which is my favorite color so the two outfits I subsequently purchased are the Monarch print.

Salar Legging
Kenzie Sports Bra

This outfit- Kilo, is very very comfortable. I was skeptical that the Kenzie sports bra would be comfortable to work out in because of all the straps in the back, but it was comfortable and fit true to size; I always wear an xxs. The salar leggings fit as they always do, comfortable and had lots of stretch to the waistline which is something that can be touch and go with their leggings. 

I have taken to ordering all of my leggings in a 28 inch length because they are more comfortable. I am only 5'4 and the 27 fits perfectly, but I noticed when I get the 27 the top part of the pants will fold down as I am working out which is annoying.

The next outfit I have is Indeo which features a thong body suit (Dania) and a highwaisted stir up legging. So this one was the wild card for me because most of the time a lot of their outfits are the same salar capris/leggings etc just in a different color or print. This time this entire outfit is a new concept so I was excited to try it. 

First off, I love that they made the bodysuit lavender and I love the detail in the straps on the back. Sadly, I would not purchase this again because I for the life of me could not figure out why they made this a thong... Who wants to work out with a thong riding up with every movement? I was so confused about this. I did obviously work out in it and yep, it wasn't comfortable. Furthermore, this fabric was a little different than all the other fabrics that were used for my Fabletics bodysuits. It wasn't high compression fabric- or at least it didn't feel like it. I am skeptical that this bodysuit is really even meant to work out in.

The high waisted stir up leggings were my favorite out of all 4 items. I love high waisted leggings because I have a long torso and they elongate my legs making me look just a little bit taller; they will always be a win with me. The stir ups were cute not really functional, but it added a little flare to the overall outfit. Everything in this set fit true to size.

Dania Bodysuit
Jazz High-Waisted Stirrup Legging

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