VLOG CITY LIFE: August 2015 Ready For Fall, Gluten Free Cooking, and Fitness

Hi loves! Its been a minute since I did a "City Life" update. Well, this was my first full summer here in South Tampa. Last year, I was in New York for half of July. July is when things really get interesting around here because of the storms. In the last month it literally has rained 30 days straight. It was flooded so badly I saw cars with water up to their windows and roads were completely closed. I have learned that this area is not that great when it comes to drainage the hard way. Because I was here most of the summer I had the joy of being high up in my condo watching lightning and rain the last month which was quite cool.

After I returned from Naples, I vowed to loose this last 6 pounds and get back to what to me is my ideal weight. I have been struggling with it all year since I got glutened in February. In March I was able to loose 7 and then every month after that it seems like I was out of town eating take out. I hope in September I will have met this goal 10 pounds total. So with that being said this month I focused a lot on cooking. I found a lot of great recipes that are new (gluten free and healthy) and I also revisited some old favorites.

I have a project that I have started and hope to finish next month (I always start these projects around my condo) and cant wait to share. We have 23 more days until Autumn! I am so excited! Right now I am currently putting together my fall wardrobe.

baked chicken thighs with lemon and thyme and red potatoes.

Beef and Macaroni (this recipe I did post on Instagram @fashiontolive)

Another old favorite Turkey Quesadillas with jalepenos
Stella visiting my struggling garden. 30 days of rain has wreaked havoc on my plants.

 Roys Tampa, This drink was amazing.  I think it was a lychee martini.



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