Rollers With Garlic Magic (YouTube)

Hi loves! The Garlic Magic Roller set tutorial is live and on my YouTube here. Below are some pictures from day one and then day two. At night I just sleep with pin curls and a satin scarf or I sleep with the silk rollers in and a satin scarf. My intentions were to only use the satin rollers, but I did such small sections that I needed to use a few of the orange perm rods. All of the items used in the video came in my July Onyx Box with exception to the As I Am Defining Gel.

*In the video I am wearing MAC Flat Out Fab and in the second half Mary Kay Gingerbread.

My hair always looks better the second day so I wanted to show you all what I do on day two and how I make this style last a few weeks. For me its all about keeping it moisturized!


Overall, I liked the idea and concept of the product. It did not leave my hair as moisturized as I would have hoped after using the deep conditioner and leave in. I have pretty sensitive skin and I could also tell my scalp was mildly irritated by some of the ingredients. My grandmother has been trying to grow her hair out so I gave the garlic products to her because she would benefit from them more than I would.



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