Natural Hair: Roller Set with Lottabody & Written Review (Tutorial YouTube)

Hi loves! I was really anticipating doing a roller set since like the day I big chopped. I always wore roller sets when relaxed and I very much missed this look. I got the lottabody hair products in my December Onyx Box and I was so excited because I could not find these products anywhere in Tampa. Overall this took an hour to do on freshly washed hair. My hair took 2 days to dry without heat. I always do my hair on the weekend or on days that I am not planning to go out so that I have ample time to let it air dry. If I need to go out, I wear a hat or a scarf. This is a re-occurring question that I get because some of my hairstyles take several days to dry and some people act as if they can not step foot outside with a hat or scarf on. I am not afraid. With that being said I have a quick written review.

Overall, I feel that this product has changed very little since I was using it as a child. I think its great that its been formulated to be usable on relaxed or natural hair, but what does that really mean? On my natural hair that is not heat trained in any way, this product did very little. I was pretty sure on the first day that the results would not be the caliber that I wanted. There just was not enough hold. When I do my twist and curl I always use gel & a heavy leave in. Now I know that that is not conducive to all natural hair. I have thin, wiry, densely packed strands and after about 1.5 years natural I realized I get better results with those two combinations. So although I love Lottabody and I grew up using it, I already knew I would not have enough hold.

The hair looked as expected until it came time to separate and add body. This is something that naturals
know about. When your hair is relaxed you can easily fight frizz. Like I said I only wore roller sets and this was totally different. I almost feel like its very hard to market a product to both relaxed and natural hair because they both have different needs. Did my hair style last? It did. I have had my hair in curls for over 5 days now, but they are frizzy, fluffy, and there is not much definition. Even after re-rolling and a trim the results are the same.

On my head on hair I have different textures of hair (predominately in different sections). One thing that I realized is that these products do not work well with all hair textures. Thats kind of disappointing, but like I said, some hair like mine love heavy gels and creams. Some do not. One size does not fit all. I do think however, that I can get this product to work for me if I add a gel and a different conditioner in conjunction with the Lottabody setting lotion.

All details about the products used can be found in the description box of the vide.

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