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January Onyx Box Unboxing- Big Things in Small Packages

Hi loves! I received my January Onyx Box in the mail a week or so ago and had a chance to play around with the contents. The them of this months box is big things coming in small packages! As always with Onyx Box the subscription is 25$ a month including shipping and you can choose to skip the month if you want! The great thing is, I get to review and show you guys the contents of the box about 1-2 weeks before it is available to purchase. I hope you all enjoy the video!

Anu Essentials - Hair Care Sampler Set - $5.95
This hair care line embraces nature’s remedies for breakage, dehydration, and brittle hair.

Beija Flor РCr̬me Brulee for kinks, curls, and coils leave-in conditioner - $5.00
This Leave in conditioner offers a powerful hair moisturizer in the form of a light cream.

Woman to Woman Naturals’– Leave-in Love Conditioner - $5.00

This leave in conditioner is great for all hair textures and curl patterns. Moisturizing and locking in hydration.

Luxuriant – Cracked Heel Soap - $4.50
This stick soap cleans and exfoliates dirt and grime. It leaves heels smooth and ultra clean.

Cinapro - Nail Art Polish in Golden Ticket - $9.99
This great nail polish can be worn year long, and comes with a built in light up cap!

*not a sponsored video

 How Does Onyx Box work?

Onyx Box is a personalized beauty sample membership service in which you receive 4-6 luxury beauty samples and sometimes full sized products.

 Subscription price $25 per month

Boxes can include 4-6 deluxe-size or full size hair, skin, makeup and lifestyle products from our favorite brands. 

OnyxBoxes are not eligible for refunds. Once an ONYX Box has been processed, shipped and marked as delivered by the postal service, the ONYX Box cannot be returned, nor can we issue a refund.

Onyx Box usually ships around the 15th of each month. It can take up to 14 days before you receive the box

When you sign up for you subscription membership you will be charged on the date you make your purchase and on the 1st day of each subsequent month until you cancel.

One thing that I love about Onyx Box is that I am exposed to new products that I would have never tried or even known about. I also love that they support black owned businesses. My favorite thing I love about the Onyx Box is that they often have Gluten Free, cruelty free,natural products.

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