VLOG CITY LIFE: May 2014 Lifestyle & Fitness Now that the Move is Over

Hi loves! I can't believe its been over a month since I updated you all on my vlog. Its been a little over 2 months since I moved into the city. After several months of being ill and going through a very stressful move I have charged myself with getting fit before summer. This is not anything new. Who doesn't want to look great before summer?

My new place: I am still getting settled into my new place. I still have furniture that needs to be moved and I still need to buy more furniture! As you can see I have become an Ikea addict and I have made several several trips there for household appliances as well as furniture. I am currently decorating my office with a new theme. The "Hello Kitty Headquarters" is being retired for something more chic. I can't wait to show you all, but it probably wont be for several months!

Get Fit With Me: So I will be doing an update later this month with my results. Its been about a month since I posted that video. One of the perks of where I live is that I have a 24 hour gym at my disposal. I have seen a difference in my muscle tone since I started working out in the gym vrs running outside. I am pretty happy.

Nightlife: The fun thing about living in the city is that there is always something to do and to see. My hubby and I have been going out a lot more (making up for lost time). I have reviewed so many restaurants in the last 2 months I was actually notified by TripAdvisor that my reviews are held to be the most popular and most followed within the top 3%  of reviewers in this city. I love reviewing restaurants (if any of you followed my now retired food blog you know I am a major foodie) and going out to eat so this was quite cool. I had no idea my reviews were that popular.

 I hope you all enjoy my vlogs! Check out my channel FashiontoliveTV for more!

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