Foxxy Graphic Sweater with Boyfriend Jeans

    Every once in a while I run my OOTD's by husband bc he just gets me and I value his opinion. Needless to say, me trying to explain boyfriend jeans to him was priceless.  His response..."you don't qualify bc u don't have a boyfriend".  My response "well maybe I should get one and wear his jeans"...his response "good luck w/ that". 
So, hubby's jeans are 9 inches too big so yes, I cant wear them, but I did have some old Bebe jeans in perfect condition from like 7 yrs ago. So why not?  Whats funny is I wore these jeans when I was about 130 lbs and now they are way too big for me (and no i was not going to get rid of them). 

Ever since I bought this graphic sweater I just wanted to wear boyfriend jeans and I have never been a fan of the trend. For some reason I had tunnel vision and the first time I wore this sweater that's what it had to be with. Something different. Something that was not skinny jeans or shorts.

Graphic Sweater Old Navy here also here
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Lipstick MAC Girl About Town

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