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DIY Dainty Stacking Rings

Hi loves! So I am sure that you all have noticed the ongoing trend of stacking rings. I personally get very irritated when I wear rings because not only are my fingers insanly small, but the get swollen when I walk for extended periods of time. I have a tendency to put rings on and then take them off and sit them down anywhere. This growing trend has grown on me and when I set out to do the research on it to my shock these thin, dainty, stacking rings were quite expensive. From Catbird (shown below) to Jared's, to Etsy everyone wants about 30+ for a single ring. Etsy was a bit better you can buy sets of three starting at 6-12$, but then you have to also factor in shipping. So with that being said I set out to find some dainty stacking rings that would not break the bank.

How to stack. So I know I go pretty hard on stacking my rings the trend is to just do you. Just wear as many or as little as you want on as many fingers as you want. Stacking rings typically go on the base of you…

Foxxy Graphic Sweater with Boyfriend Jeans

Every once in a while I run my OOTD's by husband bc he just gets me and I value his opinion. Needless to say, me trying to explain boyfriend jeans to him was priceless.  His response..."you don't qualify bc u don't have a boyfriend".  My response "well maybe I should get one and wear his jeans"...his response "good luck w/ that".  So, hubby's jeans are 9 inches too big so yes, I cant wear them, but I did have some old Bebe jeans in perfect condition from like 7 yrs ago. So why not?  Whats funny is I wore these jeans when I was about 130 lbs and now they are way too big for me (and no i was not going to get rid of them). 
Ever since I bought this graphic sweater I just wanted to wear boyfriend jeans and I have never been a fan of the trend. For some reason I had tunnel vision and the first time I wore this sweater that's what it had to be with. Something different. Something that was not skinny jeans or shorts.

A Month of Protective Styling: My thoughts

So, in the natural community everyone advocates protective styling especially during the winter months. A lot of my family members also claim that braiding your hair makes it grow faster. I am not denying any of these theories are effective, but I do think that it depends on the person's hair. My hair tends to retain less moisture when it is in a twist out or braid out.

 I won't deny that I am a "wash and go" girl through and through. Before I even started my natural journey I did wash and go's and braid outs (in high school). Currently, I use the curly girl method and I do get people asking me (on my YouTube channel) if I get a lot of single strand knots since I do more wash and go's than styles where my curls are stretched.

This month I challenged myself to wear my hair in as many protective styles for as long as possible. I was just shy of 4 weeks when I finally took my hair down. I did notice new hair growth. My hair was extremely tangled from the french…

Fall Protective Styling: Janelle Monae Inspired French Roll on Natural Hair (Tutorial)

First and foremost I apologize for the long video! I could not get the video any shorter with out just cutting out things that I deemed important. The fact of the matter is I have so much hair and this was a challenge for me and it also made the video long. I attempted this hairstyle over the summer and did an ok job working with dry hair. I have never done a french roll before either.  I wore my hair like this for a week and wrapped it with a silk scarf. It held up just fine other than towards the end it got a little fuzzy. I think that the partially dry hair was the way to go and worked out well for me.

Downtown Dolly

Hi loves! First off my hubby named this blog post today :-) I love taking pictures downtown since there is so much beautiful art,architecture, and scenery.

Autumn Just Fab Haul!


Simple Weekend OOTD


Fashion Friday:Blogger Collab for Breast Cancer Awareness Month OOTD

Hi guys! So my friends and I decided to do this blogger collab for Breast Cancer Awareness month and all we had to do was wear our favorite pink items. The shade of pink I chose is my favorite because of its rich color. Breast cancer can be prevented by taking small steps in our lives as women to take care of ourselves. Of course self examination should be done monthly, but check out this list of 10 easy steps you can take to prevent breast cancer.