VLOG CITY LIFE: September 2017 So Long Summer, I Won't Miss You! Home Decor, Hauls, Scented Candle Reviews and Gluten Free Cooking

What a month! September was a blink of the eye right? For me it went by pretty quickly since I was engulfed in storm watching. Subsequently, I spent the rest of this month trying to catch up with a lot of my deadlines as a brand ambassador. Below, you will see a camera roll of some home decor that I did this month as well as some items that were sent to me to try out by companies I partner with. 

I had a lot of fun cooking new recipes this month and working out. I was just ready for Summer to be over. I have never been a lover of Summer in fact, I have always hated Summer because its too hot, too bright, and too long. Fall is totally my element so I have been patiently waiting! It was nice that through meditation I was able to stay calm during the entire Summer unlike in the past. I usually have more anxiety attacks during the Summer months because honestly, a lot of crappy stuff has happened to me and people I know during the Summer. So, I was near my wits end by the close of this week.

Does it feel like Fall? I personally can tell that Summer is ending and Fall is starting by September first. Its not as bright and its not as hot. Usually in Tampa a nice Fall day is overcast and not too hot.

I hope you all enjoy the last week of September! Find me on Snapchat for daily cooking and hauls before anyone else sees them! 

New orchids- Vandas

New orchids- Dendrobiums

New office rack from The Container Store

Anniversary gift from hubby- Kendra Scott Home. Shown: the mother of pearl tray and necklace bar.

Both my husband and I love scented candles so I like to keep a stash for ready consumption. I have bought candles from almost everywhere including Publix, Trader Joe's, Sprouts Market. I even got one from Charming Charlie, still Bath and Body Works has the best and the cheapest. I usually wait for a good sale and order a bunch at once.

 A few of these were misses and a few were hits. 

Leaves: Made with Crisp Red Apple, Golden Nectar, Warm Clove Spice. This candle was great and if you like pumpkin spice then I would suggest that one. 

The red candle on the left was really soothing to look at and it smelled great as well. The color of the glass and the scent was a welcoming distraction during Hurricane Irma. We dimmed the lights and sat it in the hallway in our bedroom and sure enough it calmed me.

The blue candle didn't have much scent, but the blue glass was nice to look at. The almond candle and the one in the marble looking container were misses, not much scent.

Sweet cinnamon pumpkin: Made with Harvest Pumpkin, Spiced Clove, Vanilla Cream, Brown Sugar. It was great and I burned that one on the first day of Autumn. The pumpkin spice was strong! If you like pumpkins, you will like this one!

Are any of you guys wine club members? I have been a wine club member at Coopers Hawk for about 5 years. I love picking up my monthly wine. The cranberry wine is perfect for Fall.

Below is the Juno mirror by Junobeautyco. It is a smart mirror that has three buttons on the front. The first two buttons are for makeup and they have three light settings each. The last button is to turn the mirror into a reading lamp. This mirror also has bluetooth so you can sync it to the app and control the mirror with your phone. So far from what I have seen it does not have a mobile app for Android.
The mirror also comes with a 5x magnifying mirror that sticks to the front and you can also dismount the entire mirror and stick it to the wall (for short periods of time).

Adore Me goodies

September's Charming Charlie box

This month's box is all about spa days and treating yourself so I won't be making a video for it, but I will be posting pics with the terry cloth headband because I totally would use this everyday.

Rooster and the Till

The Hall of Franklin

Eddie V's Prime Seafood

Haven Tampa


Meal prep: Pesto chicken breasts with grilled veggies ( bok choy, carrots)

Pesto balsamic chicken breasts with grilled veggies ( bok choy, carrots)

Baked artichokes with chicken thighs

Meal Prep:
Cilantro lime shrimp with rice noodles

Meal prep Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken

Scrambled eggs and white rice

Sauteed shrimp with broccolini and Royal rice blend



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