NIMA Is Here!!! NIMA the Portable Gluten Sensor

I ordered this product a year ago not realizing it was still in the beta process and it would be a while until I would get it. This product is called NIMA, a portable gluten sensor for those with allergies or Celiacs Disease. As someone who suffers with Celiacs Disease it can be nerve wracking going to a friend or family member's house, or even a restaurant with a gluten free menu. Even with evidence of care, I can only hope that the staff is properly trained in gluten cross contamination, they understand the various sources of gluten, and that they will take your concerns seriously.

Over the last 3 to 4 years I have taken a few chances with restaurants that said they had a gluten free menu, but none of their staff even knew what gluten was, and I was subsequently glutened; I was the one that had to suffer. You can ask all the right questions and really drive it home that if you mess this up I will be really really sick and they just nod and say ok and then bring you something with bread, or gravy, or soy sauce by accident.

Everything that came in my NIMA starter kit: NIMA, a manual, 3 tester tubes, a pouch, and a usb for charging.

So, when I heard about this gluten sensor I was completely on board because last year, I had been accidentally glutened up to 4 times and then developed a manifestation of Celiacs Disease on my skin called Dermatitus Herpetiformis (which basically means for me, my skin itches all day every day even if I don't have gluten). I finally received my NIMA sensor today ( remember I pre-ordered so mine will have arrived a lot sooner than someone who just ordered) and I am so excited!

So, coincidentally, I went to a restaurant last Thursday that has a gluten free menu, but it can be subject to cross contamination. I ordered a pretty simple dish: a fajita bowl. It contained grilled chicken, veggies, Mexican rice, and black beans. I was sick within 12 hours of eating this food and I knew I had been glutened. Luckily, the next day I got the tracking for my sensor so I saved the leftovers to test (pictures below).

This is how NIMA looks while it is testing your food, it takes up to 3 minutes.

I knew it!!!! lol.
A note: This gluten tester doesn't need much food to test at all; you only need as much as a pea sized amount.

You can test single items or mix items from your plate.

It can be solid or liquid.

Test tubes are for one use only.

Tests up to 20ppm

You can't test beer or soy sauce.

NIMA also has apps to sync your results via bluetooth.

NIMA ships fully charged.



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