VLOG CITY LIFE: April 2016 Who do You Think You Are

Hi loves! This month was a month of adventure! I decided to finally pay for a DNA kit from Ancestry.com on St. Patricks day because it was 10 % off. I delved into my family tree and history and the more I found the more I couldn't stop. I would have loved to film this, but for me, it was a rather personal experience; so I decided to vlog what I was comfortable with via photos.

On my own I was able to trace my ancestors back to the early 1800's to two specific plantations and 4 cities. At this point, I just couldn't stop there so I paid for the DNA test and then started planning my trip to the Kingsley Plantation in March. I had an amazing time and I am so glad that I went there despite being apprehensive because I am an empath. I also go to visit historic St. Augustine, which I have never been in my life as a Floridian. I pretty much did as much research as I could to find gluten free restaurants in Jacksonville and St. Augustine because I can't take anymore chances at getting glutened after the last year I have had. I am really happy to say all of the restaurants stood up to my personal (health) standards for gluten requirements.

This months project has truly been a moving one! I am still 3 to 5 weeks out from my DNA test results, however, I think I know a little of what to expect now.

Food and diet: I pretty much ate fish all month even while on vacation. I tried a lot of new recipes and I added some of them to the bottom of this post. It was too many to add on one blog post so I will post more next month.

long road to the Kingsley plantation

Slave Domicles 

The basic set up of the plantation in regards to slave domiciles.

A slave house with a reconstructed roof.

The actual slave owner home.

St, Augustine

Ghost tour.

baked salmon with wild basmati rice mix and asparagus

pan seared catfish with yellow rice

baked catfish with yellow rice

dredged catfish with holiday rice and kale greens

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