Heatless Summer Styles On Natural Hair (YouTube)

Hi guys! I have been toying around with the desire to do a heatless hairstyle video for weeks, but I did not want to do what everyone else does. I decided to show you guys the hairstyles that I utilize when the weather isn't in my favor. Its easy for me to have a fresh twist out or braid out and have perfect hair showing you summer styles, but how about I show you on my old braid out? How about I show you on hair that has been exposed to rain and humidity also? I guess it may sound weird, but these hairstyles work on all hair types. Some you may need to add waves or volume, but the possibility is there. So in this video I show some cute styles that I use day to day when it has rained and maybe my products didn't hold up or maybe I just like the style. Its no secret that I love big sexy heatless natural hair so I just felt very motivated! I hope you enjoy the video!

I am working with a 3 week old braid out. I used Shea Moisture curling soufle and a leave in conditioner from May's Onyx box. Combined they did not offer a lot of hold -or moisture- so I have been protective styling.

Look One. I did this look Sunday. It was like a rocker hairstyle, but it rained and got poofy. I loved it and still wanted to share!

Look two. This look has saved my life so many times. I have so much hair and when it is getting poofy or I am just sick of it being in my face I do the top bun. It may look simple, but its taken me a minute to get it looking the way I like it.

French twist side pony. Need I say more???

My last look was my fav and my first time doing it. I think this kinda reminds me of my woman crush Janelle Monea. Well, sorta.



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