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Condo Tour- My Office Closet, Shoe Organization, Makeup, and Interior Decor 2015

Hi loves! This is a combined video for my office decor, my shoe organization, makeup storage, and closet. It is a long one, but I did not think it was necessary to make three separate videos because some things have not changed since last year. You can find the video here or watch the embedded video at the bottom of this blog post.

My office has actually been finished since October and I filmed a tour video then, but then my laptop broke and I lost all the footage. Its been about 10 months since I moved and literally none of this started clicking for me until about September. I was not sure where I wanted to go with the decor, but I knew I wanted to incorporate what furniture I still had without breaking the bank.

My shoe wall… It has now reached 9 feet tall and I don't plan on expanding it any further. My rule of thumb is when I buy a pair of shoes I try to get rid of a pair that I have not worn in at least a year. I often list a lot of my heels/purses on my poshmark closet airie2013

I have a full video on my shoe wall here from 2014 with details like how many shelves are there, how many shoes do they hold etc here. I don't really go into all of that in this video, however the links for the shelves are in the description box. For those of you wondering I have had this shoe wall for about 2 years now. I started out with just one shelving unit and it grew to this.

The decor…I really wanted a more chic look because I felt that the hot pink accent wall was becoming cliche. So I basically got rid of all of the Hello Kitty stuff as well as any fantasies about having another hot pink wall and started with a new accent color, mint. This pillow was basically the inspiration for it all. I probably spent less than 200.00 re-vamping my new office space.

 Makeup storage... Nothing about my makeup storage has changed since 2014 except that I have purchased way more makeup! The full makeup storage video from last year (with links) can be seen here.

My work space… Now that I am done with school I rarely sit at my desk and work, although I should. I usually use my husbands desk because I can watch t.v. at the same time lol. But sometimes I do work in here at this space. I am a neat freak so it usually looks like this.

All of the links for everything I show in my video are listed in the description box of the video. I was able to find a lot of the items. 

My wall art… In lieu of painting I decided to do some wall art. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but I was never able to find some that I liked and that did not look juvenile.


Lastly closet organization… I have two closets and this one I primarily use for my clothes I am blogging or filming. I was pretty glad that this condo had ample closet space because it enabled me to get rid of my ghastly rolling rack. At this time I also use this closet for storage.


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