VLOG:10 Days of Fitness with Fabletics & Celiacs Updates

Hi loves! I wanted to share this quick little fitness journey that I was charged to do by Fabletics this month. Each day I had a set of exercises that I needed to complete. I was already pretty annoyed with having to make time every day for ten days to complete this, but I powered through. All in all, I noticed my form improved while doing push ups, but I also really hurt my right tricep (most likely doing push ups and tricep dips). So my arm has been hurting for about 5 days now, but its getting better. What I did enjoy is that I learned some new moves. I really enjoyed doing the wall sits and 20 second planks.

I am still trying to get right after the holidays. It sucks because I was not even indulging I just got glutened and got sick. For me, it takes about 2-4 weeks for me to feel normal again after a glutening. It sucks because every time I eat something I am taking a chance. In this case, I cooked a whole chicken (Tysons) which made me very very sick. What was great is that it inspired me to look up feeding practices for companies like Tysons as well as the difference between getting an organic free range chicken vrs the Tysons chicken.  I don't want to bore you guys with details, but needless to say I have gone completely organic with all of my meats now. For me its better safe than sorry. If you have time look up what Tysons does to their chickens. It will make you think twice even if you don't suffer from Celiacs Disease.

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