3 Easy Fall Protective Styles For Natural Hair with Scarves (YouTube)

Hi loves! Finally I have uploaded a video! lol, it feels like forever. I decided to film this quick video last week because I wanted to extend the life of my twist and curl through the weekend. I love simple and easy hairstyles like this because they are cute and practical. For me, fall is all about protective styling. My hair seems to grow a lot faster and I retain the length better. I am obsessed with my hair getting to be (which would be longer than it ever was) waist length. My three year anniversary for my big chop is getting close and I am very excited! No, I am not anywhere near waist length nor will I be by my anniversary, but maybe in another year. I am hopeful.

Honestly, now most of my styles are protective. I love wash and go's, but with the amount of hair I have I prefer to only style once every two weeks. That is attainable with a w&g, but I run the risk of getting single strand knots. Anyhow, I hope that you all enjoy the video. Like I told you all this weekend I was super excited to see that my hair was finally long enough to be put in an actual ponytail and not in a high puff. I never thought I would ever get there lol.

A lot of people think natural hair is too high maintenance and that you need a lot of products. I am a great example that less is more. All you need is a little water, a brush, some bobby pins, and a scarf. Oh, and some edge paste (I love that stuff). Keep it simple.




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