Tutorial How To Do a High Puff From an Old Twistout

Hi loves! So I have a high puff tutorial on my YouTube channel that I did last summer. In that video my hair is wet and while I always style my hair while wet a lot of people do not. I wanted to make a video showing how to do this same hairstyle, but on dry hair. Personally it is the same, but since I had to do it from dry hair my hair got fuzzy faster (than compared to when I did it while wet). In my original video some people had concerns about my hair tangling more because it was wet and I found that I had no tangles when doing this style on wet hair and I did have tangles when I did it on dry hair. Overall this turned out cute and I had more length since my hair was already stretched fro the twist out, but I do still prefer the wet high puff over the dry.

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