DIY Dainty Stacking Rings

Hi loves! So I am sure that you all have noticed the ongoing trend of stacking rings. I personally get very irritated when I wear rings because not only are my fingers insanly small, but the get swollen when I walk for extended periods of time. I have a tendency to put rings on and then take them off and sit them down anywhere. This growing trend has grown on me and when I set out to do the research on it to my shock these thin, dainty, stacking rings were quite expensive. From Catbird (shown below) to Jared's, to Etsy everyone wants about 30+ for a single ring. Etsy was a bit better you can buy sets of three starting at 6-12$, but then you have to also factor in shipping. So with that being said I set out to find some dainty stacking rings that would not break the bank.

How to stack. So I know I go pretty hard on stacking my rings the trend is to just do you. Just wear as many or as little as you want on as many fingers as you want. Stacking rings typically go on the base of your fingers, the knuckles, and the very tip top of your fingers. In my opinion its a pretty fun trend and a great way to express yourself.

So if you check out my YouTube video you will pretty much see how I found the dainty stacking rings as well as the DIY project my husband and I did to make this work for me :-)





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