A Month of Protective Styling: My thoughts

So, in the natural community everyone advocates protective styling especially during the winter months. A lot of my family members also claim that braiding your hair makes it grow faster. I am not denying any of these theories are effective, but I do think that it depends on the person's hair. My hair tends to retain less moisture when it is in a twist out or braid out.

 I won't deny that I am a "wash and go" girl through and through. Before I even started my natural journey I did wash and go's and braid outs (in high school). Currently, I use the curly girl method and I do get people asking me (on my YouTube channel) if I get a lot of single strand knots since I do more wash and go's than styles where my curls are stretched.

This month I challenged myself to wear my hair in as many protective styles for as long as possible. I was just shy of 4 weeks when I finally took my hair down. I did notice new hair growth. My hair was extremely tangled from the french roll that I wore in the last week of my challenge. After taking my hair down I had single strand knots in the same places I always do and the same amount. Keeping in mind I had just dusted my ends before I started this challenge (I dust my ends every 6-8 weeks). Well, now I don't have to wonder if I wore more stretched styles and protective styles would I get less SSK because that would be no. As far as length retention goes I definitely saw that my hair had grown and it has been growing at a slower rate as it gets longer.

The one thing that I enjoyed was just getting a break from my hair. It was great and just getting creative with some different styles. So which style was your favorite that I did this month? I would love to hear!

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