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Natural Hair: Week 2 Finger Curls

Hi so this was the second week of my finger curls. I could have worn then in tact for another week, but the back was getting loose and unraveling from my sleeping on it. I separated the curls for a fuller look and wore it like this for another week. These are some photos from various blog posts during that time.

                                                        The YouTube Video

Bye Bye Kitty (Outfit of the Day)

So everyone knows I love Hello Kitty. When I saw this blazer I thought it was too cute, but it was marked at 69.00$ so I took it to the register with my coupon only to learn it was already on sale and I paid 12.99! I love that this blazer has Hello Kitty, but is functional for ME. Because I like Hello Kitty I get so much stuff as gifts that I can NOT use.

House of Fab Launch Party OOTD (outfit of the Day)

I bought this polka dot shirt and skirt from Forever 21 months ago with the intentions on wearing it. The other day I was looking at Fash Boulevard and I loved how she added the yellow blazer to her outfit so I decided to do that and wear it today. The earrings and bracelet really picked up the color in the blazer beautifully! This was my outfit for the Just Fab House of Fab launch party. My vlog and blog post on that will be up tonight.

The YouTube Vlog

Fashion Friday: Snow Leopard H and M Blazer

I love blazers and when I saw this after Christmas I grabbed it and used a coupon on the purchase. I was elated to see in the email that H&M sent out for winter to spring looks The blazer and black top I bought was in it.

My Newest Video on Fashiontolivetv

Natural Hair Tutorial: Finger Curls

This was my hair Saturday evening when I finished it. The hair is still wet and I let it air dry. As it drys it will shrink also. The hair gel that is visible will be clear and I will be left with curls that look very similar to that of a perm rod set. This is a great protective style. It can easily last 3 weeks. The last time I did my hair like this was over the summer and I wore it for 10 days. I will be putting up a tutorial next Thursday for week 2.

This did take about 4 hours to dry. At night I slept with a satin bonnet on to maintain the curls. In the morning I just pull or stretch them back out and thats it. The YouTube Tutorial

Night time routine. After one day I stopped tying the bandanna bc it squished my hair. I just used the satin bonnet.

Daily Look #12 Love After War OOTN (Outfit of the Night)

Hik Loves! This outfit was inspired by the faux leather circle skirt from Daily Look. I did not buy the full outfit and the skirt/outfit didnt have a name so I named it after one of my favorite songs "Love After War". This is such a fun and unpredictable outfit! Hope you all enjoy it!
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The YouTube Video

The Look For Less: Lilly Ghalichi's Red Dress

When I saw Lilly tweet this pic of her outfit I loved that red dress! It was only by chance that I happened to come across a very similar dress and decided to do this post. I was able to put this outfit together for under 110$  Lilly is carrying a Chanel bag and Louboutins. I am not sure where her dress came from, but it looks like a Lloyd dress or somthing similar.

Red Dress 22.99 Old Navy Belt 1.50 Forever 21 Quilted purse 41.00 Daily Look Shoes 39.95 Just Fab
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                                                             Total    105.44$