Zara Floral Blazer:Perfect Outfit For a Wedding

The YouTube Video

Ever wonder what to wear to a wedding??? I have not been to a wedding since I lost weight and I have been buying summer (casual clothes) and Church Clothes which also could be considered work attire. When I found out I was going to a wedding and had about 3 weeks to decide what to wear my mind went blank. Luckily I remembered this outfit which I bought in May and never wore. It just seemed too fancy to wear out and I was saving it for the right occasion. I got to wear this outfit to my friends wedding which was filmed on location at a wedding chapel.

Blazer and peplum skirt from Zara similar blazer found here

Pink Shoes Just Fab from the October Showroom| Rosalind (sold out)

Pink tank top from Macy's| American Rag

Floral Blazers Spring to Fall



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    1. Aw! I know I really wanted it when it came out in May and it sold out. When it came back I was like " I cant miss it!"


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