VLOG CITY LIFE: July 2017 New Furniture For Our Condo! Extreme Wanderlust & Rocksbox Haul

So far this whole summer I have been extremely busy with my business as well as home life and travel. We haven't had nearly as much rain as I would like during the summer so it is extra hot everyday. Summer isn't my favorite season, but I so far have made it through June and July and remain optimistic. This month has been super crazy starting with the very first week of the month we got new living room furniture finally! I had spent most of June looking for durable, inexpensive, and modern furniture for our 1250 sqft condo. We have very little space so it was of the utmost importance that I get items that would be fitting for a "tiny-ish" home that if my cats destroyed I could replace it easily. 



I landed back at the local Ikea (this is where a lot of our new furniture is from) and we ended up getting a modular sectional and rug. I am still trying to work out fitting all of it into this small area, right now we only have the one piece since we couldn't fit all of it in my Jeep so we will be going back for the other two pieces after our vacation. So far we absolutely love the furniture. We all can fit on the couch finally and I can stretch out my bad knees out. And what is most important, I finally got rid of some very old furniture I was holding on to (for sentimental value) from when I had a 9 to 5 job in corporate America.

Looking back at this month I do feel like we had some extreme wanderlust going on. We went out more times than usual in my opinion because my husband had a week off for holiday and we tried lots of new things. The best thing that has happened this month is that I have been insomnia free for about 9 days now! I have been so happy and energetic and as a result ,I have put up a ton of new YouTube videos.

Below are just some of our date night photos from July all of these restaurants have top notch service and gluten free options.

                                                                 DINNER DATES:

The Epicurean

Ocean Prime

Bizou Brasserie


Roy's Tampa

Gourmet Pizza Co (This is a Cuban sandwich Pizza)

We also had a chance to check out this historic building in downtown Tampa that was a courthouse and post office in 1905 and now its a hotel and restaurant.

Tampa turned 130 years old this month!
This month's Rocksbox. Use code FASHIONTOLIVEXOXO for one month free!


I found these hash browns in the frozen section at Trader Joe's. They were not labeled gluten free, but have no ingredients that contained gluten; so I brought them home to test.

Sunrise at Orlando Marriott World Center


Sausage & Peppers

Mediterranian Chicken thighs (The original recipe was for chicken breast kabobs with veggies, but I had to improvise since I didn't have the veggies or chicken breast).

Shown from above: Mediterannian chicken thighs with basmati rice and boiled cabbage

Pan seared pork chop with mushroom risotto and sauteed veggies (veggies are pre arranged at Trader Joe's)

Egg and cheese omelet with pico de gallo (pre cut from Sprouts) and turkey sausage



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