Demi Lovato for Fabletics: Review


Lisette High-Waisted Short

Eden Bra

This month I wanted to highlight some of the items I got from the Demi Lovato x Fabletics capsule collection from May (in sizes xxs to 3x). The collection went on sale shortly after it came out so I got my items for 50% off. A lot of the collection did sale out before I even had a chance to check it out and since it was limited edition I just had to work with what was left. The items you see here are what was left and what I liked. They only had the Lisette high waisted shorts in a xxs and I was skeptical to get them since the ones I got in March were too tight and too short. I must say these are made of a different fabric and they fit perfectly. They are comfortable and the shorts don't ride up when you work out. I love these shorts! 

The Eden sports bra is equally as comfortable. This set together is comfortable to actually sleep in. The Eden sports bra has padding in it that is removable. I usually always remove the padding to make the bra more comfortable and less busty, I decided to leave it as is and I really like how it looks. So, we are 2 for 2 right now.

Charissa Mesh Legging

This is where the rave reviews stop. These mesh leggings are super cute in my opinion, the graphic print is a little juvenile though; it may not appeal to some older women. I bought these in my regular size xxs and figured they would fit like the Gaviata leggings (which also have mesh cut outs). These were at least a size too small in all actuality, that, or the mesh cut outs made them feel that way. I could barely get these on and my husband had to pull them up. 

The waistline had 0 stretch 0 give and the mesh as I said made it tighter. This is the same fabric as the shorts above which fit great so I found this all to be confusing. If you order I would say just go up a size and hope it works out, I am not sure that it would or wouldn't make a difference.



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