November Fabletics Collection Outer Limits + International Plaza (Tampa) VIP Fabletics Party

I have been having so much fun with the seamless capris this month and last month! I was not even sure I was going to order this set because it looked more blue online than in person, but I am so glad I did. Not only do I already love the seamless leggings, this top is everything! I love anything that falls effortlessly off the shoulders. The seamless bottoms are a size small (that is as small as they go) and on me they are high waisted (because I usually wear a xxs); that doesn't bother me at all.

Palisades L/S Tee
Sebastian Seamless Tight
Dash Seamless Bra II

This is not actually a "set" the shorts and sports bra are from a previous collection. The items to be highlighted would be the leg and hand warmers. They come in one size. In general I like them a lot, but they are too big on me! The leg warmers come up about mid thigh (I am 5'4) but once I start moving around they fall down below my knees! I would still buy them in other colors because they are cute and they do keep me warm.

This month I had the chance to go to the VIP opening of the Tampa Fabletics store. Its going to be great having a store right in my back yard! Like the Sarasota store they did not have many xxs and xs sizes (one to be exact for most items I looked at). I was able to pick up some cute tops and I got a free pair of leggings for attending!

Gaviota Legging- These just came out last month in the purple floral print. I love them!



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