Body Suit + Satin Vintage Pencil Skirt Thanksgiving OOTN + My Holiday Table


Hi loves! Happy Black Friday/Thanksgiving weekend! Today, I wanted to share the second outfit I wore on Thanksgiving. We had lunch at my relatives house however, nothing was gluten free, so I proceeded to continue cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my place. Hubby is on a low carb diet so he didn't want rice and I didn't feel like making mashed potatoes since we will be going on vacation soon. I was trying to limit the amount of food we needed to eat before we have to leave. It occurred to me I love potato salad and have never made it... I think that will be my next goal. XOXO

Body suit here
skirt: Bebe vintage
heels: here
bag: Louis Vuitton Alma PM


GF- Collard greens

GF- Boars Head ham, macaroni salad

GF- My Mac & cheese. Everyone wants my recipe, but I am not giving it up!

This month's project was the Christmas tree and holiday table.
I spent a lot of time planning out and setting up my holiday table which will be up from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I had planned on posting where I bought these items, but now, in retrospect I can not in good faith direct anyone to that store unless they address and deal with their unethical store practices. I can however, let you guys know most of these items are from one of my favorite stores Crate & Barrel. As a blogger I do not and will not promote any company that has unethical practices so in the future you may find that I will not list certain items because they do not deserve the free promotion.



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