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June City Life: Allergies All Day All Night

This has been one crazy month for me! It all started here: 4 Rivers Smokehouse

my food/ gluten free

I wanted to try this new restaurant in South Tampa and they had outdoor seating and my mom wanted to sit outside. We were out there for about 2 hours and I kept thinking "man, its such a nice day out today". Later that night, my allergies were like "oh no honey" and my health just started to decline in the most rapid way. 

I had childhood asthma that I was told I would grow out of and somehow this month the sickness I felt was exactly the same things that would happen to me when my lungs got irritated by things like smoke, pollen, and dust. Its been an entire month, but I feel a little better with each day. I am looking forward to July as this is my anniversary month so I have a lot planned and I am very excited. 

Unfortunately, this month most of my plants died so I will be started yet another balcony garden next month. I can't seem to get it right because I have never attempted to garden while living in a high rise condo. The humidity is unbelievable and it usually kills everything or the rain kills everything. I have a snap chat account now! You can find me by my  name Fashiontolive.

Yue and her rainbow maker from the lux app.

Ulele/ Seafood risotto GF

my mom's food. I can't believe she ate this Cuban sandwich in front of me! They are my absolute fav and I can't have them anymore.

All food photos below were made by me (I love to cook) are Gluten Free and clean made with organic foods.
Egg white ham and parmaseano reggiano frittata.

Pan fried snapper with veggies (This was my attempt at making a Haitian styled dish from a recipe I found online). It turned out pretty great, but I wasn't a fan of the onion,tomato, and bell pepper mixture. 

baked snapper with holiday rice. This came out rediculously amazing!

Pasta: This is a recipe I threw together. I bought this veggie mix of mushrooms, asparagus, and red onions from Trader Joes and I knew I wanted to make a pasta dish with it. It also turned out great!

Breakfast by hubby. We love eggs!!!

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