VLOG CITY LIFE: My Love For October

My love for October: October has always been my favorite month of the year however, this month has been bittersweet for me. I have been sick almost the entire month and just this week I started feeling like my old self. I had a few days (probably less than 6) where I was able to go out and have some fun. There is a cool place here in the city called Hyde Park Village near Soho and I had been wanting to visit for years. I finally did to visit the pumpkin patch and find a pumpkin. This month has been full of changes and new opportunities for myself and my husband, so thats where the bittersweet feeling comes in. I am hoping November will be less stressful and more fun. My goal for next month is to get involved in some holiday events here in the city.

This month my project was quite different then my usual. The original project involved a pumpkin, but I never found a white pumpkin that was big enough so I am going to postpone that one until next month. So this month, I turned my condo into a "smart condo" with the help of this cool gadget called Echo from Amazon. I can't get over how cool it is that I can turn my lights on through voice commands now.

Fitness: I have not worked out this entire month since I was sick. Luckily, I have maintained my weight and have continued to eat healthy foods. I have some food pictures below of a few meals that I cooked. This month I basically had more comfort meals then adventurous meals lol so I don't have that many pictures.

*I haven't updated my vlog FashiontoliveTV in quite a while because I have been really busy since I am now an ambassador for 5 companies. I still plan on uploading new content, but it will be sporadicly. Next month I should have a new video though. XOXO

pumpkin scouting at Hyde Park Villiage

deconstructed bunless grilled burger, simple and easy

dinner date at Miguels Tampa

pho craving

Stella and Yueloving life

Jazz Festival at Coachman Park



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