October Fabletics: Collection Here Comes the Sun (Mosaic Print & Pop Pink)

This months review is one of my favorite collecions.This collection was featured on the Fabletics website for April which was called "Here Comes The Sun". I loved the variety of this collection as well as the colors. We have the Mosaic print which is the dark blue and pink and then the pop pink stripes (my favorite). This month we have a few different items from the usual which is what I will be reviewing. As always everything fits true to size (I wear an xxs in most items and xs or s in the sports bras).

I liked that this was just different. I love rompers so I was happy to order this one. The most detail is actually the back (I will have to get a picture of it) which is open and exposes the bandeau sports bra. The only thing that is annoying about this outfit is that the straps fall down continuously sine the back is open.

Enota Mountain

Aruba Wrap Top II
Salar fold over capris
This outfit I have worn so many times and have yet to be photographed in it. I bought this outfit really for leisure. I have made it quite clear that when I am not blogging I will walk out the door wearing whatever is clean (even if it matches or not) so I like to buy some outfits for when I am not working out. I did however, do yoga in this set and it was quite comfortable. The Aruba wrap II is made slightly different then the Aruba wrap that I showed last month. This one is a little shorter and baggier. I also love the folder capris, they are very comfortable on the waistline.

Oula tank
Lima Capri
Soon Sports Bra

I don't think I have reviewed the Lima Capris before. They are probably the most form fitting (tight) of all of the bottoms I have purchased from Fabletics. Also shown, ear buds, yoga blanket, and the water bottle. They are all great accessories to own.

Syria Top
Carmo Skirt (really a skort)
Seven Sports Bra II

This outfit is so exciting! I love playing tennis so I was so happy when Fabletics introduced skorts and tennis sets. This outfit is so cute and comfortable. This set comes with the updated version of one of my favorite sports bras which is the Seven sports bra. This sports bra has been updated with cute straps that criss cross in the back. 

Unfortunately, I have not been able to play tennis in it yet, but I have worn it for other workouts. I am just in love with this whole outfit.

Breezy tank
Salar Capri
So, I love everything about this outfit except the Breezy tank. The Breezy tank is very very large, but the thing that irks me is the made one arm hole huge and the other a normal size. Why? It's so weird to me and I almost never workout in this top. It is a thin lightweight material which is comfortable, I just wish it was more symmetrical.

Enota Mountain
Switchback tee
Semi sports bra
Salar shorts
Demi sports bra

Last outfit (can you tell I really loved this month's choices?) There is not a lot to say about this set because I have reviewed all of these items in past month. The one thing I want to say is that I have washed my Kemi sports bra several times and the color has never bled.

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