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Natural Hair: Cute Mini Buns on Natural Hair (Plus Update)


I have been wanting to do mini buns for years now, but I had to wait for my hair to get the same length all over. The next thing I needed to solve was to use the correct hair ties. I pretty much have had my hair like this for a few weeks. Although my ends are out, it is a great protective style and the buns are not tight at all. I hope you all enjoy the tutorial!

My hair after a week.

So, apparently some people (obviously anonymous) feel my mini buns are not "age appropriate". Apparently this hairstyle is only for teens and children. I guess there are a bunch of us "over the hill" women that missed that memo. All of these women are close to my age in the above picture. They are all rocking their mini buns and looking great. I could find many more examples such as Miley Cirus who rocked her very very small buns (no pun intended) last year for months.  Gwen Stefani, who is in her 40's has worn her hair in mini buns and bantu knots since her No Doubt days. I also liked this article on how mini buns are coming back in style here. There is also a Tumblr page and Pinterest page dedicated to mini buns, space buns, or "double buns" as stated in Pinterest and guess what? These are all adult women; not teens and not toddlers.

I am not sure what the real problem is with women getting in their feelings about my wanting to wear my hair like this. I am not holding a gun to anyone's head and saying "you better wear these buns or else". As women we should be empowering ourselves and each other, but unfortunately YouTube is a breeding ground for trolls and unwarranted hate and negativity.

My feelings are not hurt by all means, however, I will not be told I can only wear certain hairstyles because of my age. That literally is one of the most asinine things I have ever heard. Its my hair and I will do what I want with it, just like my choice to be natural, its my choice to wear mini buns. This style has been around sine the 90's and its not going away. 

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