Folklorica: A Glimpse Into Fall Fashion (OOTD)

Hi loves! Today was so fun and inspiring! I was a guest hostess at the Neiman Marcus  CUSP fashion show. The theme was Folklorica which is so etherial to me, but bewildering nonetheless. From what I grasped Folklorica is a mix of deep reds, heavy patterns, multiple textures, and gold embellishments. Also, lots and lots of layers! Its almost like costume, but to me its a new way of looking at fashion.

 I feel like I have truly been enlightened after attending these fashion shows. Even before I have a full understanding of what Folklorica was, I spent an entire month planning my outfit and I knew that going vintage was the right choice. Right now Folklorica is literally on the cusp of being the new "it" fashion, but its not fall yet so no stores carried anything "folkloric".  This made it hard for me to plan an outfit for this event.

I was so happy my loved ones could make it out to the show and we had so much fun. I hope you enjoy the posts! Additional posts for the fashion show (event) will be uploaded separately. I so look forward to building my wardrobe with Neiman Marcus in the future.

*More pics to follow
*Wearing MAC Brave Red

Blouse Macy's (old)| Skirt Vintage| Necklace Betsy Johnson here| Boots Tanifer Just Fab here| Cardigan H&M (no sale in store 15$)|.

a few of my gift bag goodies from the show.

*not a sponsored post.

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