July Onyx Box 2015- Summer Slaycation

This months Onyx Box came with 3 full sized items! I was not sure what to expect, but it was exciting to say the least. This months box includes full size goodies from nuNAAT,Cantu Beauty, Lauren B. Beauty and deluxe samples from Philip B. According to the card that came in my box every OnyxGirl will receive a full size sample @CantuBeauty's Combeack Curls and at least one full size sample of a hair goodie from @NuNaatBeauty's Garlic Collection. I did however receive two most likely because I am a brand ambassador. 

The product that I have tried so far is the Cantu Comeback Curls. I literally just bought a curl replinishing spray at the start of the month so I was like ok... I am probably not going to use this. Well, I read the bottle and saw that it can be used on hair in any state. Meaning, its not just for wash and go's. Right now I am rocking my twist and curl which I like to replenish with conditioner and re-roll at night. Let me tell you when I say YASSS, I mean yasss! My hair felt/looked amazing the next day when I took out the rollers. One of the first ingredients in this product in glycerine and my hair loves glycerine. I would recommend this months Onyx Box alone based solely on my obsession-love- with this product.

day three

day 8

day 10

I am now going into day 11 of my twist and curl and I have been refreshing with the Cantu Comeback Curls every three days.

The next items that came in the box that were interesting was the nunaatbeauty's Garlic Collection. I am just now finding out that people even use garlic to stimulate hair growth. From what it looks like there are 4 full sized products and Every #JULYONYXBOX will feature at least one full sized sample of @nunaatbeauty's Garlic Collection. Although this product has garlic in it, it doesn't have a garlic smell. I did notice that the Garlic products do contain mineral oil and some silicones which I do not use, but I am interested in the idea of additional hair growth I think I am going to give it a try and hope for the best.

Update: So I used both garlic products in conjunction. My hair did not feel any different after doing the deep conditioning. Usually my hair feels different when I do my monthly deep conditioning with the Giovanni 2 Chic. The overall product wasn't very thick and its easy to use too much if you are not paying attention. 

The garlic leave in conditioner took a while to absorb into my hair. I was worried that my hair would flake up because it was looking pretty "snowy" when I applied it. I had to really work the conditioner in. Overall, both products left my hair feeling rather dry. I had to go back and add more conditioner to my hair. I probably will not use these two products again. I am hoping that my Giovani 2 Chic shampoo will be enough to break down the ingredients when my next wash day comes up. The garlic products do contain silicones (more than just Dimethicone) and immediately I experienced some scalp irritation so this product is not for me. I just have very very sensitive skin. I gave the products to my mom and grandmother and they love them.

 How Does Onyx Box work?

Onyx Box is a personalized beauty sample membership service in which you receive 4-6 luxury beauty samples and sometimes full sized products.

 Subscription price $25 per month

Boxes can include 4-6 deluxe-size or full size hair, skin, makeup and lifestyle products from our favorite brands. 

OnyxBoxes are not eligible for refunds. Once an ONYX Box has been processed, shipped and marked as delivered by the postal service, the ONYX Box cannot be returned, nor can we issue a refund.

Onyx Box usually ships around the 15th of each month. It can take up to 14 days before you receive the box

When you sign up for you subscription membership you will be charged on the date you make your purchase and on the 1st day of each subsequent month until you cancel.

One thing that I love about Onyx Box is that I am exposed to new products that I would have never tried or even known about. I also love that they support black owned businesses. My favorite thing I love about the Onyx Box is that they often have Gluten Free, cruelty free,natural products.


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