Lottabody Braid Out & Review - April Onyx Box Full Set Lottabody

Hi guys! This was kind of a last minute decision to post a video take down. I did not film the application (explained in the video).

 So as far as the application goes I used the products shown below. They are available in this months Onyx Box for 25$ and free shipping. Like all of my styles, I applied them in this order:
                                                           leave in conditioner (wet hair)
                                                           next day- applied the spray conditioner &
                                                           custard gelee
The only product I used that was not in the Onyx Box was the edge control paste, I got that in my December Onyx Box.

So I loved the results! I took pictures with my cell phone and my camera to kind of show the texture. I was really surprised at the turnout because my hair actually had a look as if it had been straightened with heat before hand. I love my As I Am products, but this produced a sick braid out! The test will be if it can last 3-4 weeks.



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