California Vlogs: After the Photoshoot + My Deva Cut+ Redondo Beach

So this is the third vlog out of four from my California trip. The last one will be up Thursday. Now, the last two are more of a vacation type vlog. I was finally done with all of my commitments with Just Fab and I had the rest of the day and Friday to sight see. A huge weight was lifted from me after I finished that photo shoot because yep, I was very nervous. 

This night was the first night I got to go out and see the area and surprisingly it was a lot like where I live now (sans mountains). The area, the atmosphere, the beach, all of it felt like Tampa. Well, it was a little more relaxed, but I think most people are relaxed while watching the sun set. Well anyway, the vlog is at the bottom of the page. I hope you all are having a fab week!



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