March Onyx Box Unboxing (External Beauty Samples Inside & Out)

This months Onyx Box is pretty cool. I love it when I get lots of new hair & makeup products to try out. One thing that I especially love is the fact that a lot of the hair products that are in these beauty boxes are gluten free which is very important to me seeing that I have Celiacs.

Each month I do an unboxing by which I mean I am opening those products for the first time and video taping it. Its a cool way for me to show you all what you can expect in your Onyx Box before they go on sale. I then power through those said products and either do some additional tutorials or write up a review with some cool pictures.

So far this month I have used the Sienna Naturals leave in conditioner. I actually did a conditioner only wash and go today (I will take some pictures when it dries and add them) and it seems like its going to turn out great! Is this the end of my doing gel wash and go's? We will see. As for now I can tell you this product has great slip and was easy to work into my hair. With as much hair as I have I actually only used a quarter of the bottle today. My hair feels hydrated and quenched and the curls are very defined. More pictures and details will be added in a separate blog post.

I also used the Suntegrity tinted moisturizer today while I was out running errands. Its pretty ok. If you don't want to go out with completely no makeup on or SPF then this is a good product. My skin felt soft and not weighed down by product so I would use it again.

*I do not plan on drinking the vitamin suppliment due to the fact that I have Celiacs and I am unsure if stevia is gluten free. I also avoid soy at all costs because sometimes when you have Celiacs you can become sensitive to soy also. 



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