VLOG CITY LIFE: March 2015 One Year In The City -- I'm Never Going Back to The Burbs!

What a month!!! I can't believe I have been out here in the city for a full year now! This woman who used to be a girl in the country swore you could never get me to move.  I have had so much fun out here more fun than I have had in all of my adult life. I am looking forward to all of the new construction that is underfoot in downtown Tampa. We would love to move into a high rise next year. So with all this new development comes new fun things to do in my city.

So, I have been pretty much working around the clock to loose some weight that I put on in the last month when I was sick & most likely on the cruise. I have already lost about 6 pounds and I am excited! I purchased a lot of new outfits from Fabletics and I also found some gluten free Healthy Choice dinners so I am back in "get fit mode". It seems every year somehow I gain about 5-7 pounds from December to February. I guess that is just a consiquence of having the holidays back to back with 4 family members birthdays and Valentines Day. I am hoping I can bounce back even better than last year this time. 

Next month is going to be super exciting so I cant wait to share all that with you all. Until then take care!!

We tried out a lot of new restaurants this month!

Ulele Tampa



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