Natural Hair: 10 Minute Wash & Go with Kinky Curling Custard (YouTube)

So, I have finally got this wash and go thing down to just ten minutes! I have been playing around with the kinky curly now for about a month. I have used this product so many times in the last 2 years and I had never been able to use it without getting clumps of sticky gel stuck in my hair. Finally, I got it right (and several times). I have always loved this gel, but I shied away from using it because I always got the clumps which is why you guys have never seen me do a Kinky Curly wash and go video tutorial!

Hi guys! I have gotten my w/g technique down to just ten minutes. All answers about the vid are below.

Items shown 
Kinky Curly custard
Knot Today
Hair Clips from Sally beauty supply

hair type 3c/4a
O/S dense wiry strands
low porosity
big chop date Jan 2012
I trim my hair, it has never been cut.



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