New York Haul:Muji*Elf*MAC (YouTube)

So, I have known about this Muji storage case since earlier this year when I went on the hunt for a case for my office and settled on the one from the Container Store. Muji pretty much makes a great case at a very low price point, but they hardly re-stock their online merchandise and they have few stores in the US. I knew there was one in New York so I made sure that I was able to pick up this case while I was here. I hadn't planned on buying makeup also, that kind of just happened. I am glad though, because my other case is full since I have been buying a lot of makeup this year.

Muji 3 drawer Acrylic case here| Also shown eyeshadows from the Elf Studio in New York and 2 new lipsticks and blush from the MAC store ("Twig" and "O") have links in the description box for the video. I hope you all enjoy the vid!

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