New York Edition: GRWM Small Twists Protective Style on Natural Hair OOTD & Makeup

So loves, I know you have heard me lamenting that it was raining all week here in New York. I decided Sunday that I would twist my hair in small twists that were wearable. I only used conditioner and did them the same way I did them in last years "Wearable Twists" video. They took 2.5-3 hours and since I did not use gel they are a bit puffy; thus making them look bigger than mini twists. Anyway, I decided to do my hair in this cute french bun on Tuesday. I hope you all enjoy the video.

*I know some parts are hard to see. That is just a factor of being in a different space and with a different camera.

This video turned out to be pretty long so I edited it in 2 parts. Below is the makeup/OOTD portion. All items used in this video are listed in the description box.

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