VLOG CITY LIFE: June 2014 Officially a Soho Housewife

Hi loves! So here is my update. This is now month 3 since I moved into the city. In the last month I have had more people come visit me than ever. When I lived out in the middle of no where no one ever came by unexpectedly bc they were "in the neighborhood". Now, everyone wants to see my condo so they just pop by. I have had more time to go to the gym the last 30 days because I changed my fitness routine. I know, I know I owe you guys the "get fit with me update". I was taken out by gluten in May and seriously when I ingest gluten I look about 4-6 month pregnant! LOL, a get fit with me video would be awful! But, with that being said I have gone to the gym consistently all month and hopefully (tomorrow) I can film this video.

So, I am surrounded by lots of people my age and I have noticed a lot of the housewives in this area run their errands in workout clothes. I thought it was pretty funny at first bc they never actually look like they went to the gym. They just want to look like they did. Well, I was in my Fabletics gear and honestly, its just comfortable and it looks a lot better than what I usually wear to run errands ie; hobo chic. So, I am officially a Soho housewife (I guess) although I do actually go to the gym.



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