VLOG CITY LIFE: July 2014 Little City Vrs Big City (The New York Vlogs)

Hi loves! This is the complete compilation of all of my New York vlogs. I had so much fun staying here in Manhattan for two weeks. I was able to see and do a lot! I was so ready to go home by like day 8. I have gained a real appreciation for Tampa after coming to New York. The hardest thing for me has been finding gluten free food. I pretty much ate clean food that was un-refined almost the whole time I was here and I lost weight.

   I loved visiting the Chobani pop up shop in Soho and quickly became obssesd with collecting those glass Chobani dishes. I was able to find a lot of great restaurants that had GF food, but between the food being so low cal and all the walking I just wound up loosing weight. I had expected to hit the gym here at the hotel, but I just did not have the energy after hours of walking several days in a row. Other than that, I just realize how lucky I am that so many restaurants in Tampa have dedicated GF menus so there is no guessing.

Anyway, most likely I will be returning to NY very soon so I am really glad I got to spend a full two weeks here and really hang out. There is so much more to see and do obviously. Overall, it was great to go on vacation and do something that I have always dreamed of--which was to come to New York--.



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