Natural Hair: My Go To Style For Unmanagable Hair (YouTube)

So, on the day that I set out to film this tutorial I had a cute hairstyle planned. I wanted to do the hairstyle on stretched hair, but I needed to wash it badly. I figured it would not be a big deal to proceed to do the hairstyle with wet hair. After struggling with my hair and realizing that there was no way this was going to work on wet, curly, shrunken hair, I was frustrated and tired. That is the worst combination one can have when styling their hair. Despite the fact that I was beyond aggravated, I decided to keep filming and do something else. My hair was drying quickly and I already had applied conditioner and gel to half of my head so I just decided to do my "go to" hairstyle.

My go to hairstyle is a combed out afro in a wash and go style. I have done 2 videos on this method because people always ask me how do I get my hair to stand up in a fro without heat and teasing. You can see my tutorial here on my twa and here on my collarbone length hair.

Even looking back at the footage I was skeptical that I should use it. Then I realized how many people have natural hair and go through the same kind of frustration while styling their hair, but may just think "I cant deal with this anymore, its time for a relaxer..." My hair turned out great and I just thought 'the great thing about natural hair is, if the hairstyle you planned is not working you can always wash it and start over". Or in my case just go with a wash and go type style.

For me, I always plan out what hairstyles I am going to wear or film for the week. I always film them and publish those videos, but I have never just shared a challenging experience. So instead of throwing the footage in the trash I thought why not post it?

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