2014 Wash and Go: Battle of the Stylers (As I Am Naturally Curling Jelly)

So... I am a fan of using pH balanced products. I wanted to do a two part video update to show how I utilize both the As I Am Curling Jelly as well as the Aloe Vera gel. In both videos I will use the praying hands method as well as curly girl method. A review will be following for the As I Am Curling Jelly. Whrn iy comes to the As I Am Jelly I had to be very careful yo noy get it in my eyes or mouth because it has wheat protein in it and I am gluten intolerant. Other than that I really liked the results.

Its been so long since I did a wash and go and my hair has grown a few inches I actually felt like a fish out of water doing this to my hair. I was happy with the results. I feel every gel is going to yield

different results and for this gel its properties give me loose springy spiral curls. I will be uploading a part two to this video today also which consists of using aloe vera gel as a curl definer. Both ways are a part of my current wash and go regimen.

Check out part two battle of the stylers Fruit of the Eart Aloe Vera Gel here

If you want to see how my curls came out without shaking them apart click here

first day dry hair

third day curls up close

third day curls

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