Phillip Lim For Target Collab Initial Experience

So I set out today having researched the stores in which the Phillip Lim line would be available at as well as viewing the entire line and making a wish list. I even went as far to get Target gift card so that I would have absolutely NO issues at checkout. So I was up at 3 am trying to see the items available.  I was checking Instagram and Twitters feeds and seeing people post pictures of their purchases yet I could not see anything.  So finally at 4 am I was able to see the whole line. I had the yellow satchel in my cart checking out and it SOLD OUT.

I had to make a choice do I wait and shop in the store or shop now? It turned out to be a great choice because my local target did not have everything I was looking for. But they did have the yellow satchel in stock. So around 12 pm my hubby rode to Target to buy it for me, but it was not there despite it saying it was in stock. Then later on I went to Target to look at the bags and realized the mini was really small and I probably would like the larger bag also. SO, I did ride to another Target that the mobile app said had the yellow bag in stock, but it wasn't.  By this time I have given up on the yellow bag and I just bought the large taupe shoulder bag. The best thing that happened other than my ordering most of my items online and avoiding waking up at 7 am to fight at Target is that when I bought that bag a 20% off coupon printed out with my receipt. Oh yes, I promptly returned my bag and bought it and another one for 20% off. My haul will be up on Saturday since I have to wait for my items I ordered online.

Did I get everything I wanted? We will see!



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