Oatmeal DIY Deep Conditioner

what I used

Hi loves! So I recently tried out a DIY deep conditioner. My hair felt dry and I wanted to try something new to revitalize my curls (with what I had in my house). I have so MUCH oatmeal that we never eat so I decided I wanted to try and use that. The first thing I did was research why is Oatmeal good for the hair. What I found is that Oatmeal has B vitamins which act as a humectant, which will help you retain moisture. Oatmeal can also help strengthen damaged hair as well as sooth a dry itchy scalp.

Lots of hair conditioners contain Oatmeal and Honey such as TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Conditioner here and click here for a homemade recipe to treat a dry scalp using oatmeal.

Although I strained my oatmeal in the video you can blend it and apply to your hair strands and scalp. I did it both ways and I had a lot of oats left in my hair so I decided to strain it when I made it again. I did notice my hair was very soft when I did this a used the Shea Moisture Curling Souffle.



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