Product Review Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi

I ordered my lashes directly from her website for 6.00 each with combined shipping of 5.99 and they are real human hair. I ordered Tehran and Istanbul. Initially, I was excited because Lilly's lashes always look SO amazing, full, and natural. I know that she usually wears Tehran and stacks them for a fuller effect. I wore Istanbul first and I was actually not happy with them BECAUSE they looked SO natural.

They blended in with my own lashes and I did not have the wow effect. When I wore Tehran I was in love. They have a full and natural look, but they also resemble the look of eyelash extensions (that you can get done at the salon). So for the last 4 weeks I have been wearing Tehran exclusively. I have even slept in them to see how they would look in the morning. They look fabulous! Not only are these lashes long lasting, but they are easy to clean and maintain.

ETA: December 2014 I have stopped wearing Lilly Lashes. I placed an order during a holiday sale back in September for the same lashes I always buy, but the ones I received were clearly synthetic. I went back to the website to check and see if they were no longer advertising the Lilly Lashes as being real human hair and they are still labeled as that. I was very very disappointed in the fact that the quality of the lashes has deteriorated and that Lilly herself has not changed the labeling to say that they are in fact synthetic lashes. I had some of my old lashes to compare them to and they look completely different and its quite obvious they are not the same lashes that her website used to sale. 

I did use the lashes because I did not feel like going through the return process and they lasted only a few wears (which I expected). I would in fact no longer advise anyone to buy these lashes unless you want synthetic lashes. One of the things that I loved about the lashes is that they looked real because they were real.

The only thing about the lashes that I don't like is that they are so delicate you can pull the lashes off with very little effort. With that being said they are my new go to lashes and I probably will never wear synthetic lashes again. I will just have to take extra time to make sure they do not get damaged. Its worth it because they have already lasted longer than the Ardell and Katy Perry lashes I usually wear.



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