How I Use PH To Tame My Curls

Loves! so long story short I have always loved and appreciated my hair the way it is! But as it grows out my curls in the front are either weighed own by gel or frizzy to the point where they are frizzy and straight rather than curly thus mis-matching the rest of my curly head! For months I have styled my hair pulled away from my forehead for this very reason, but I have finally found a way to close the cuticles of the curls on the crown of my head via a balanced pH.

 My research into the effects of pH on curly hair has no bearings on my feelings on how I accept my natural hair. A lot of people use hair gel as did I and 99% of the time my hair was flat, frizzy and (or) lifeless on my forehead and I wanted a solution. I have always done wash and goes, twist outs, and braid outs even while relaxed. I can deal with frizzy hair ( I was natural for most of my life), but limp hair hanging in my eyes I can not deal with!

Over the course of 3-4 weeks I used several products (all natural or organic). I also changed my wash and go technique and hair products to get the most optimized results. By doing this I took LESS time styling my hair this way. LESS money and I used no special techniques such as a denman brush or shingling. 

All I did was adjust the pH of the hair products I placed in my hair. I did not think the results would be so different, but they were. I hope you enjoy the video and watch next week for my wash and go tutorial. I know I have very thick fluffy hair, but I have taken no measures to make my curls more defined than they are. Its still incredibly fluffy and the same texture and curl pattern. Just LESS frizzy. 

The YouTube Video explaining it all!



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