Natural Hair Tutorial: Finger Curls

This was my hair Saturday evening when I finished it. The hair is still wet and I let it air dry. As it drys it will shrink also. The hair gel that is visible will be clear and I will be left with curls that look very similar to that of a perm rod set. This is a great protective style. It can easily last 3 weeks. The last time I did my hair like this was over the summer and I wore it for 10 days. I will be putting up a tutorial next Thursday for week 2.

The picture on the left is my hair now and the picture on the right is when I did the finger curls in June 2012. You can see the growth.

This did take about 4 hours to dry. At night I slept with a satin bonnet on to maintain the curls. In the morning I just pull or stretch them back out and thats it.
The YouTube Tutorial

Sunday the next day the curls are dry and shrinkage was minimal. It will continue to shrink through out the week.

Night time routine. After one day I stopped tying the bandanna bc it squished my hair. I just used the satin bonnet.



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