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It has finally been 1 year since I did my big chop! I am so happy and excited to say in that year I never ever felt like going back to relaxers! For me this was a great experience! Not only have I met a lot of other ladies who have gone natural or are transitioning, but my eyes have been opened to the true beauty of natural hair. Since then I have not only stopped relaxing, but I no longer color, flat iron, or use chemicals that are harmful to my hair.
 I enjoy looking at all of the photos of other naturals as inspiration and ideas on how to style natural hair. Over the last year the hardest thing was just waiting for it to grow. But to my shock in the last photo I took in 2012 I couldn't believe how much longer it looked styled in a wash and go. I cant wait to see how my hair progresses in 2013.

One very important thing I have noticed is that the world is changing and there are more natural women now and the number is growing. I am pleased to say about half of the women in my family are natural and almost all of the women at my church are natural. I have one person in my life who I wish would go back to her natural hair because she had the most gorgeous curls. One of my resolutions is to win her back! She is my cousin. 

I used to not understand why anyone would want to live with out a relaxer. Even though I did not get one until I was a teenager I was teased and indoctrinated into thinking curls were naps. I went through all the stages of wanting straight hair, paying someone to straighten it, and then at 18 just wearing wash and go's on relaxed hair. After years and years of fighting my curls I realized 2 things. 
1.I am fighting myself and I will never win,
2.If I have a daughter one day I will not be able to get her to love herself if I dislike my own hair.

This journey was not just for me it was for everyone in my opinion and I learned SO much. Despite the negative things I heard when I big chopped, I heard SO MUCH MORE POSITIVE. I will never look back.

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