✄✄How I style my natural 3c/4a hair ✄✄

 so this video I did is long 14 minutes, but its a step by step of how I do my hair twice a week. I enjoy the process its so simple and easy and the results are always the same. Hope you enjoy it!
Cell phone pics of my hair :)

Here is the official Youtube Video. Its a bit long but you can fast forward to the end for the results.

Hi guys so I have been natural for 6 months now. I transitioned for 3 months and did my bc in January. I had to cut a lot of my natural hair because it was heat damaged due to my over using heat products during my transition. Anyway, this is a long video, but it shows how I style my hair which is about 2 to 2 1/2 inches long in this video. I look fwd to doing an updated video when my hair grows more (maybe about 3 more inches).



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