WEN will it be my time???

Anyone here heard of Wen, but was too afraid to use it or take a chance on a new product that isn't even sold in stores? I felt the same way when I first saw the infomercial with Alyssa Milano. But if you are like me and have hair with a lot of density then you know what it is like to have tangles! This Wen does several things in one. Wen cleansing conditioner was created by Chaz Dean with natural ingredients and herbs that work together to cleanse the scalp and hair of dirt and product while moisturizing, soothing, strengthening your hair. Wen is sulfate free and also detangles since the product does not lather. I have used Wen for a year and have several videos on the subject on my Youtube Channel 

This video is about how Wen has changed my hair after using for a year and also about how I decided to stop chemical relaxing my hair since September!

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